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What is JPWA?

The Federation of Japan Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association (JPWA) is the sole nationwide organization approved as an incorporated body established in 1941.
JPWA has been contributing to the improvement of the wholesalers social position and industrial development. It has promoted communication and cooperation among its members, has proceeded modernization and rationalization of various projects and functions as its most important mission, and it has ensured the stable supply of drugs.
JPWA is also a formal member of and represents Japan in the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW). Japan is a member of the council and represents the Asia region.
Pharmaceutical Wholesalers’ working policy in the future.
Japan is now on the way of the structural reform for the changing society. Wholesalers’ industry should be reformed toward for linking with new era in the revolution period. Wholesalers are requested followings;
1. Independency for breaking down current state
2. Economical performance for achieving the stability of wholesaler management
3. Social wholesaler’ functions for achieving national healthcare and regional healthcare
We want to be going to describe the future vision and to reform wholesaler industry based on three concepts (independency, economy, sociality) which we would like to ware with international point of view.
Pharmaceutical Distribution
Pharmaceutical products distribution in Japan.
1. Ethical drug
Most of ethical drugs are distributed from pharmaceutical manufacturers to 8,400 hospitals, 101,000 clinics, 69,000 dental clinics and 58,000 pharmacies in the nation thru wholesalers that are located any place in Japan, and then dispense to consumers (patients).
2. OTC drug
OTC drugs are distributed (1) from manufacturers to pharmacies and drug stores thru wholesalers, (2) from manufacturer to pharmacy and drug stores directory. Both distribution channels have around 50% of share.